Brand Activation


Industry: Non-Profit Community organization - Beyond Walls
Customer in focus: The community - citizens, business owners, public services
Change topic: Brand Activation / Recovery
Engagement: 1-month engagement of 2 changeUp|GLOBAL partners
Location: Lynn, Massachusetts U.S.A.


The Board of Directors of a community non-profit organization, whose mission is to create safe spaces through art, recognized that they were having a mixed impact on the local community. Many of their programs were experiencing great success yet they were met with mixed feelings from the community as a whole.


Working with the founder, changeUp|GLOBAL applied the Re:Solve™ framework and designed a structured workshop as a Board of Directors retreat. Activities were focused on fully understanding the vibrant, culturally and economically diverse community and its challenges. The group directly engaged community leaders to get a read on the damage done to the non-profit’s brand.


changeUp|GLOBAL designed and facilitated a one-day retreat for the 9-member BOD and senior staff consisting of the following:

  • A coached empathy session where participants interviewed community representatives including the mayor, business owners, police officers, and residents building a deep understanding of their perspective on community needs.
  • The definition of problem statements and opportunities to be addressed.
    A SWOT analysis.
  • A collaboratively crafted ‘elevator pitch’ to better and quickly convey the non-profit mission and value.
  • The capture and delivery of session output – documentation as well as photography and video.
  • An organization ‘manifesto’ conveying the culture, values and principles to sustain and inspire the organization.

“The process has reinvigorated all of us and I think will prove to be 
transformative to the way we operate and structure our process.”

Board member


  • Discovery: Gained insight on the needs of the community, how they aligned with this non-profit's mission, as well as the drivers of community behavior, reaction and perspective.
  • Building consensus and commitment: Established a common understanding across the organization's staff and Board of Directors for the What, How and Why of the organization mission, and how it is positioned to address the community problems identified. 
  • Brand alignment: Developed an Elevator Pitch to enlighten, excite, enthuse, and inspire others with the organization's mission and how it will be accomplished.

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