How we work

We design an approach, create an environment, and provide leadership and coaching to enable understanding and deliver innovation.

Our approach is fueled by success proven practices

changeUp|GLOBAL integrates and applies the methods and principles of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile in each engagement. Why? To optimize the probability of meeting true customer needs and mitigate risks associated with new product development. All three methodologies:

  • let the customer define value
  • utilize and empower cross-functional teams
  • consciously time-box activities
  • have a bias toward action and delivering testable, working product

The backbone of our approach – the Re:Solve methodology

We have developed a unique approach to problem solving that is based in understanding a customer's needs while mitigating the risks associated with new development. We bring together the methods and principles of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile and created a process we call "Re:Solve".

changeUp|GLOBAL are early adopters of the successful Stanford d. school Design Thinking methodology. We've evolved our practice to integrate the explicit exploration of desirability, viability and feasibility to ensure actionable results.

We believe that if organizations are to succeed in the long run they need to develop their ability to adapt through innovation and create an environment that thrives on change. Re:Solve is a proven approach to solving ambiguous, complex problems that we've successfully applied to everything from on the spot brainstorming to multi-year transformation programs.


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Design Thinking ignites a team's ability to:

  • Drive innovation – teams experience how they can be the catalysts for the creative mojo to generate innovation and move good ideas forward.
  • Create a culture that embraces change – engages teams in a process that places great customer experience at its core to envision a transformed future and a way to get there.
  • Set a standard for creative agility – teams learn how a relentless focus on the customer coupled with a bias toward action and radical collaboration enables them to deliver meaningful solutions in record time.

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