We're change agents, helping organizations discover their untapped capacity for creativity and innovation.

We Prototype Change™

Our Team

We’re changeUp|GLOBAL

Chris Whitlock

"Chris is brilliant at helping companies foster big thinking."

Laura Fish:
Founder, CEO/CVO The Vision Studio Inc.

Martin Schmidt-Sarno

"Martin is excellent at connecting business and technology, people and purpose, customer and company."

Claude Hellers: CEO, Fundbridge

Julia Cichowski

“If serious, deployable service design is required, you want Julia on your team.”

Kam Chana: Head of Financial Experiences Lab, RCA

Our approach – The Re:Solve Framework

In our Re:Solve Framework we’ve married the principals of Design Thinking, Lean and Agile, then added our special sauce. The benefits for you:

First-hand client insights

Solving the 'right' Problem

Delivering 'real' value

Mitigated risks & costs




Activating your internal change agents

Your team collaborating to own

Solutions that transition into your organization

Our Work

Years of experience solving real problems for organizations around the globe. Here are a few of our stories:

Our Services

We find the right mix of "Doing" and "Teaching" to inspire, enable and sustain a culture of change for your organization.

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