Elevate innovative thinking to a higher ground

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

– Alvin Toffler/Future Shock

ChangeUp Global LLC

Why we do what we do

In a constantly changing world, survival depends on evolution. Change is not something to be managed, dealt with, or mitigated, but channeled as fuel to drive a continually learning and adaptive culture — the kind capable of evolution. And for the business seeking to succeed in an environment of rapidly changing technologies and a rising bar of customer expectations, the solution lies in accelerated evolution.

How we do what we do

To speed up that evolutionary process you need a way of staying grounded and focused on what is most important… the customer, the patient, the employee. The core tenet of our work is our belief that the practice of Design Thinking offers an expedient path to the understanding and discovery of meaningful insights.

This enables true creative thinking, Design Thinking methods provide a structure and a discipline entirely focused on understanding and learning from your customer. It is the backbone of our approach to harnessing change and driving innovation.

changeUp brings to bear our collective expertise to focus on your needs. That expertise is acquired not in a classroom, but through decades of experience delivering transformational results. As industry leaders, we’re clear on how to successfully meld together a group of diverse thinkers to turn an organization’s collective knowledge into a competitive advantage.

ChangeUp Global LLC
ChangeUp Global LLC

What we do for our customers

Our mission is to enable your organization to identify where you need to do things differently and put in place the measures required to transform into a truly customer centered and design-led organization. We are the right partner for progressive industry leaders willing to challenge their current business models, and organizations who value a culture that rewards informed risk-taking.

Achieving accelerated evolution is the result of freeing your organization’s untapped capacity for creativity and innovation to reach your goal of a higher ground.