Branding a Moving Target

Redefining a brand experience.


Industry: Social Media - Social Channel App Developers
Customer in focus: Consumers of social media apps
Change topic: Building a brand
Engagement: 1 changeUp|GLOBAL partner for 4 months
Location: Boston, Massachusetts  U.S.A.


A small start-up needed to create a Brand Strategy. They had a product build underway with a functional specification, but no clear definition around the customer experience. In the effort to make a quick entrance into the Apple Appstore with their MVP, founders realized something may have been overlooked in the rush. The experience in the founder's heads wasn't fully realized and their branding was misleading.


changeUp|GLOBAL initiated a series of online collaborations to help the founders articulate and refine their "why, how, what" statements, and begin to see their app from a user's perspective.


  • Provided the brand building blocks: Logo, messaging, user experience principles and a style guide.
  • A brand strategy and identity that was unique in the social media space.

" ...the process worked. The new logo and visual identity are so right,
 we cannot imagine it having been anything else!"

Nancy Woods, emogo


Brand Alignment: Designed a logo that focused on the user rather than the function, and Brand Guidelines documentation to ensure that future employees and external development partners truly "get" who emogo is.

Product Innovation: Defined the "Hallmark" user experience.

Efficiency and Scale: Developed user experience maps that will be used to guide their development and marketing efforts.

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