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Industry: Software engineering for Financial Services
Customer in focus: Small and medium sized companies
Change topic: Strategic product development
Engagement: 3 month engagement with 2 changeUp|GLOBAL partners; 2 additional changeUp|GLOBAL coaches brought in for the workshop       
Location:   London, U.K. engaging worldwide participants                               


A banking software development company conducted market research which showed that small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) had both huge growth potential and a critical need for tools and services. With this hypothesis in mind, the company was eager to explore the opportunity for new product development, however some challenges were clearly ahead:

  • Lack of intelligence around what specifically small businesses needed; what were their greatest obstacles to growth?
  • The need of a structured approach enabling the generation of viable and feasible innovative solution alternatives
  • A desire to move quickly and be first to market with an offering to fill this perceived gap


changeUp|GLOBAL was brought in as a partner to first strategize on the most effective approach, and then design, organize and facilitate its execution. To do so, we applied our Re:Solve™ framework in the following way:

  • Designed a 2-day event bringing together small business owners with those looking to understand and help them - a cross-industry group of banking leaders and technology specialists.
  • Applied a Design Thinking methodology to provide structure, speed and efficiency while ensuring a customer centered approach, enabling creativity and collaboration.
  • Layered in exercises to explore the desirability of small business owners, as well as the viability and technical feasibility of solution concepts.
  • Created the environment (the space, event structure, agenda, materials, food ... even the music) enabling participants to connect with their customers, immerse themselves in the problem and generate inspired ideas.


  • Design and support of participant recruitment which included 64 participants representing cross-functional roles across the banking industry
  • Management of event logistics - location, facilities, scheduling
  • Preparation of all supporting materials including an illustrated guide to each step of the 2-day event
  • Design of the agenda and supporting exercises tailored to the SME client segment and workshop goals
  • Facilitation and coaching of participants throughout the event using a ‘learn by doing’ technique enabling them to walk away with new skills as well as customer insights
  • Generation of over 200 solution ideas that culminated in 7 solution prototypes, each of which had a high level customer marketing strategy and lean business plan
  • Capture and delivery of event results in the form of documentation as well as photography and video, designed to enable the easy transition of the 7 solution concepts to new product development

" We came up with ideas that can not only create great customer experiences, but also a new revenue stream for the bank." 

Client Bank - event participant


Product Innovation:  This forum and process led to the delivery of a new digital banking product designed to specifically meet the needs of a fast-growing, profitable market segment.

Discovery and Insight: During the course of the event, participants conducted 45 SME interviews. These first-hand interactions with customers gave participants rich and valuable insights into SME goals, problems, behaviors and factors driving decision making.

Efficiency:  In the span of 2 days, 7 viable solution concepts were designed based on customer needs, and prototyped to validate their technical feasibility.

Customer Engagement:  An engaged client community, willing to partner on an ongoing basis was formed. The foundation of a trusting partnership was in place.

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