Enabling Global Scale

Connecting the regional intelligence and value of a global company.


Industry: Financial Services - multi-national company
Customer in focus: Global leadership team
Change topic: Enabling global collaboration, reuse and cost savings
Engagement: 3 month startup with 2 changeUp|GLOBAL partners, followed by an additional 1-3 partners for bimonthly 90-minute virtual sessions, and annual 5-day in-person conferences
Location: Hybrid virtual and in-person hosted in various cities globally including San Francisco, Berlin, Shanghai and Boston


A large Financial Services company with businesses scattered across the globe, each region with its own set of products and services, and in some cases a unique brand identity (you've seen this - U.S., Europe, APAC ...), discovers that although they share common problems they have no easy way to leverage the best they each have to offer. So while one region may have invested heavily in an innovative breakthrough solution, other regions would unknowingly be struggling (at some cost) to continue to deal with the same problem. This lead to:

  • gross redundant spending
  • inefficiencies – missed opportunities to leverage and reuse solutions to common problems
  • lack of global awareness informing investments and decision making


changeUp|GLOBAL partnered with executive leadership, applied the Re:Solve™ framework, and took the following approach:

  • Identified cross-functional leaders from each region - leaders who set goals and drove strategy for their regional lines of business.
  • Brought the team of leaders together to find common ground, define their collective needs, develop a mission and objectives, and commit to working collaboratively to achieve them.

Additionally changeUp|GLOBAL established a recurring forum with the goal of enabling this group of leaders to:

  • communicate, educate and share products, business plans, roadmaps and visions
  • identify shared opportunities and how to act on them
  • learn about, be inspired by and leverage emerging technologies and ways of working
  • unleash their creativity and target their resources


  • Formation of a global leadership team
  • Design and instantiation of a global bimonthly forum with an annual in-person multi-day event held in varying locations around the world 

For each forum:

  • Session agenda incorporating relevant and timely topics and securing guest speakers as needed
  • Supporting materials including videos, presentations, exercises, etc.
  • Full session facilitation and participant coaching

For in-person events:

  • Logistics planning and procurement including the design and facilitation of 'Discovery Tours'

"This is the most useful forum I attend. I am consistently inspired and also walk away with something tangible I can use."

U.K. technology leader and forum participant


Efficiency and Scale: Technical and operational solutions developed for one region being applied by many; reduction of redundant investment; the delivery of globally scaling innovation.
Organizational transformation: The development of an informed global perspective for each member, enabling effective cross-regional partnerships and the formation of global teams.
Process evolution: The dissemination and adoption of best practices in solution delivery methodologies.
Brand alignment: Creation of digital style standards and guidelines illustrating their appropriate use; an informed position on when 'local trumps global' in digital experience
Culture Shift: A shift from seeing global partnership as a purely political endeavor to actively seeking out opportunities to solve common problems on a global scale.

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