Turning Vision to Value

Establishing a Digital Product across 15+ countries, in less than 7 months


Industry: Financial Services / Asset Management
Customer in focus: B2B (Advisors, Wholesale Fund Buyers)
Change Topic: Digital Transformation
Engagement: 6-month engagement of 2 changeUp|GLOBAL partners, 3-month engagement of 6-member team
Location: Frankfurt, Milan, Stockholm, Paris and other European capitals


A Global Financial Services Provider is lacking the appropriate team, technology, and delivery approach to establish an MVP version of its vision for Digital B2B relationships across Europe.

"You just shifted our standard for Change to another level."

Country Head of pilot market


changeUp|GLOBAL partnered with the Head of Digital for Continental Europe to create a proposal meeting the firm's expectation for pace, tangibility and scalability of results, and which established a 6-month timebox for delivery. In that 6-month timeframe we applied the Re:Solve™ framework, and took the following 'collaborate to own' approach:

  • Created buy-in and excitement across all stakeholder levels by creating a visually rich and easily consumable vision
  • Established an on-premises presence of changeUp|GLOBAL in the central market (Germany) to support the approach
  • Formed a cross-functional team engaging all aspects of the business and technology organizations and stabilized the UX/Design and Development teams through a temporary integration of additional resources
  • Defined an MVP scope driven by customer research
  • Applied lean principles and introduced an agile/scrum way of working to enable the rapid delivery of customer driven capabilities as defined by our MVP
  • Synchronized with the Sales & Marketing strategy for Europe
  • Framed the entire effort considering the available business and technology capabilities and capacities 
  • Held 7 workshops in 5 European target markets and facilitated 3 milestone touchpoint meetings with Senior European leadership to ensure alignment with customer needs and program transparency
  • And finally, delivered new websites for 15+ markets within the agreed to timebox


  • New websites for 15+ markets
  • Homepage toolkit for markets
  • Personalized Digital Customer Experience (“just show what’s relevant for me”)
  • Capability for Push/Pull digital marketing communications
  • Process model for balanced central/local web operation in Europe
  • Product ownership model for Digital Experience

The most impactful and customer centered initiative
in Continental Europe.” 

CE Marketing Head


Internal mobilization: Through the broad participation of customers and stakeholders, the outcome secured internal buy-in and active collaboration
Cultural Shift: Established Digital as #1 priority in B2B
Organizational transformation: Principles of Product Ownership established
Efficiency and scale: Central approach for 15+ countries, scalable digitization of client relationships
Cost Reduction: Shift from print and f2f to digital
Product: Introduction of customizable and personalized Client Experience
Education and training: Broad introduction to Design Thinking, implementation of Digital principles
Process: Added Pull to Push in B2B client relationships

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