Innovation Inspired

Before your organization can hear the call of innovation, you need to know where to listen for it.

Innovation Discovery Tours

Change the frame that you’re using to look at your world and jump outside of the box. Explore innovation in places where it’s already happening. Engage with companies and people who are happy to share and discuss their ways of innovating, and extract your own future ideas and actions from that.  

A changeUp|GLOBAL Discovery Tour enables you to find inspiration, insight and direction through immersive, first-hand experience with firms known for their innovative approaches. The length of each tour is determined by your goals, destinations selected, and typically runs between 3-7 days. We've taken teams into their backyards as well as to the other side of the globe.

Innovation Salons

Inspiration often happens through listening to people with different opinions than yours, and by offering your own ideas and views to people who think differently. We curate the content and topics of the conversation mindfully; put the conversation in an inspiring location, add some cultural framing and treat talkers and listeners culinarily well - these are the basic ingredients for a changeUp|GLOBAL Innovation Salon. 

Thought Leadership

In today's digitally connected world, there are so many sources of information, inspiring perspectives and content. It's an ongoing challenge to keep up with the top ten that matter most for you and your organization. We'll help you identify the thought leadership topics that matter most to you and your specific context, and then organize and facilitate a thought leadership forum. Whether pulling from our own pool of thought leadership pieces, or curating an inspiring line-up of speakers and topics, we guarantee an impactful discussion.

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