Innovation Sustained

For innovation to take hold in an organization it needs to be part of the culture. This happens with intention and not by accident.

Our services to build a sustainable innovation practice:

Assessing your Innovation Culture

To what extent is innovation already baked into your company culture? Does your organization see change as opportunity or just manage it? We will conduct a structured assessment to answer these questions, identify areas of strength and gaps, establish your starting point, and deliver a roadmap to building a culture of innovation.

Establishing an Innovation Practice

What methods, tools or systems are in place to underpin your innovation efforts and make them tangible, measurable and manageable pieces of work vs. an aspirational idea? Working with what already exists in your organization, we will design a blueprint for your innovation practice. If we find gaps we’ll recommend ways to fill them. This will put you on the path to institutionalizing your innovation practice.

Identifying and Enabling Innovation Leaders

To build a sustained innovation practice you need individuals who ‘get it’. These are the change agents in your organization who will own, manage, facilitate and foster innovation. We will partner with you to design an organizational structure, define the needed talent, and find and prep those individuals in your organization who can make this happen.

Adopting a Design Thinking approach

We find the practice of Design Thinking to be a key foundational tool to sustaining innovation. It is a customer centered approach to problem solving that enables teams to effectively collaborate on the design and delivery of viable ideas in record time. For this reason we offer a comprehensive Design Thinking curriculum:

Design Thinking Crash Course
Think of this as a ‘speed dating’ introduction to the Design Thinking methodology. Held in 2 hours in-person, or 2 90-minute virtual sessions, participants are presented with a design challenge and work in pairs through a tightly structured exercise. They leave with an appreciation of the power of Design Thinking to uncover key user insights and deliver tangible results in record time.

Applying Design Thinking
An intense program focused on developing a core team of Design Thinking practitioners and coaches. A dynamic mix of short instructional lectures, demonstrations and guided hands-on teamwork where participants learn through doing. This intensive working session is based on the highly successful Stanford University d. school model. Courses are typically 2-3 days in person, or 3-5 days virtually with up to 3 virtual sessions daily. During the course participants are brought together to actively use Design Thinking to work through a problem. The experience is immersive, challenging and fun.

Mentoring & Coaching
A personalized development program to build Design Thinking facilitation and coaching competencies for individuals, teams or organizations. In our experience, for Design Thinking to take hold in an organization, an internal resource needs to be established. This can be a single evangelist/trainer or a team. We will design a program to help your organization successfully adopt and institutionalize a Design Thinking practice by developing your internal change agents.

The completion of our trainings results in changeUp Certified Design Thinking credentials.

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